Where I agree with the Bible

I have a number of disagreements with the Bible on topics of history, science, ethics, the role of women and equality of people. I even disagree with the Bible at length about sexual practices, particularly what the LGBTX community can and cannot get up to. But, given a little lenience on the language, I have… Continue reading Where I agree with the Bible

A Spiritual Atheist

I meditate. I don’t know why I have taken forever to let you all know that; I think I was waiting until I could be sure certain people had gotten bored with my blog and stopped reading. But I do practice meditation. I’m not trying to contact any higher power or commune with God (although… Continue reading A Spiritual Atheist

Getting to Know an Old Friend

I’m sat on a sofa and I’m not very comfortable. I don’t know if that’s the sofa or my skin, but my skin hasn’t been comfortable for a while now. I’m having to insist that I really don’t want alcohol, I’m not feeling particularly up to it and I haven’t felt up for alcohol for… Continue reading Getting to Know an Old Friend

Getting Advice from My Dad

I have an odd relationship with my dad. I complain to him, and I share with him things I am not happy with in my life, which I'm sure most people do with their parents. I do that because he’s always been very good at understanding why I feel the way I do. He normally… Continue reading Getting Advice from My Dad

Her Gift to Me

I promised myself I would stop writing about my ex-girlfriend, but I have a person in my life at the moment that keeps bringing her up and I have no real way to distract myself from the thoughts that wells up. My last session of ‘Hey-lets-talk-about-her-I’m-sure-that-will-make-you-feel-better-about-life’ doted heavily on the issue of why I am… Continue reading Her Gift to Me