Brexit and me

I’d like to tell the story of how I became interested in Brexit, back in 2016, only marginally before the vote. In reality, it’s the story of why I didn’t care about Brexit at any point before a critical moment in early 2016. I was born in 1989. Don’t worry, the story doesn’t start there;… Continue reading Brexit and me

Do Antidepressants work? (Why having “PhD” on the cover doesn’t make it a reliable book)

A friend of mine is going through a hard time: on the verge of divorce, hates her job, suffering through depression. And she’s a really clever woman; a physics teacher, in fact. So, when she told me she had started researching her condition―depression―and found a book by a PhD graduate called The Emperor’s New Drugs… Continue reading Do Antidepressants work? (Why having “PhD” on the cover doesn’t make it a reliable book)

Of Atheists and Aliens

A lot of atheists believe in aliens. At least, Dean Smith’s post on the blog Open The Word seems to claim so. Initially I doubted the claim and so I went on a search of reasons not to doubt the claim. A sort of optimistic Descartes-ian fact-finding mission. (I actually gave up on this endeavour… Continue reading Of Atheists and Aliens

To Investigate Psychological Differences between Atheists and the Religious

On a cycle ride the other day I just made it through the traffic lights but it caught my friend and she had to stop. This happens often. The last time it happened I wondered what the odds were that my friend would be caught in traffic lights so often. The answer is simple. But… Continue reading To Investigate Psychological Differences between Atheists and the Religious

On Gay Marriage

I am a bleeding-heart-bloody-liberal. I know that. So I want to make a quick case for gay marriage, and explain why the anti-gay marriage lobby are wrong. I shall start with the following two assumptions: (1) the default position should be that, absent of extraordinary circumstances, people should be equal; (2) there should be the… Continue reading On Gay Marriage

Blogging out of Sexual Tension

Someone did some research quite recently that showed that female research professors published new research papers at an ever-slower rate as they aged, whereas male research professors published new research at the same rate up until an age, where it suddenly trailed off almost completely. This pattern follows the same pattern as each gender experiences… Continue reading Blogging out of Sexual Tension