A Growing Religiosity Among Atheists?

Shadow to Light has published another of its pieces on the view that the author, Michael, believes that ‘New Atheism’ is hypocritical. To do this, Michael has to imply certain premises. As they’re implied, I can’t be certain, but here is what I think the premises are: New Atheism is necessarily anti-religious, New Atheism presents… Continue reading A Growing Religiosity Among Atheists?

Dawkins is Wrong: Religion is not a Delusion

The other day I was talking with my flatmate. She was a psychiatrist and the discussion moved to how psychological conditions and symptoms are entirely culturally and contextually dependent. Your behaviour must be inappropriate for your culture for it to be relevant to psychology. But this does not sit well with Dawkins’ definition of a… Continue reading Dawkins is Wrong: Religion is not a Delusion

This is how Religion Blinds your Humanity and Decency

I commented recently on post called “Mild Paedophilia in Light of Atheism”1. The post decried Dawkins for his use of the phrase “mild paedophilia”, and I didn’t mention in the comment that without context the phrase may have been entirely legitimate2. What I did mention is that the blogger was being inconsistent: where the blogger… Continue reading This is how Religion Blinds your Humanity and Decency

Deep in Rivers of The Moral Landscape: secular morality drowns religious morality

Morality is an issue that I like to write on simply because I find it cathartically simple and reassuringly complex at the same time. That paradox is aligned with my own moral standing, which is Sam Harris’ Moral Landscape (approximately), which my regular readers will already know. The simplicity comes from the simple mantra of… Continue reading Deep in Rivers of The Moral Landscape: secular morality drowns religious morality

The Nietzsche Fallacy

In a previous post I made a call for a new informal fallacy: The Nietzsche fallacy. But as another blogger pointed out, I did do a rather poor job of explaining it; it needs some expansion (the post was in the series of twenty posts I wrote on the book God or Godless?. The book… Continue reading The Nietzsche Fallacy