The Right to Bear Arms

After an event of gun violence, people naturally tend towards asking whether guns should be more tightly restricted. Many people believe that the tools that allow ill-intent to become highly efficient killing should be restricted. Many other people believe that their right to self-defence simply comes with a cost like this and is worthwhile. Some… Continue reading The Right to Bear Arms

Forgiveness and Permission for it

A reader has taken particular issue with one of the sentences in my earlier post (Whose Responsibility is Forgiveness?). In the post I outline two beliefs: that forgiveness from God is not the forgiveness you should seek for your transgressions against people, and that with God all things are forgivable. To make the former point I… Continue reading Forgiveness and Permission for it

Social Cost of Taboo

A taboo is an unspoken social rule of omission: things you may not talk about. You have every right to say it, but people agree that the speaker will come off badly if they do. Obesity is one of these, where telling a fat person they are fat means the speaker comes off worse than… Continue reading Social Cost of Taboo

Euthanasia: rights and responsibilities

The argument around euthanasia is a complicated one, and I want to add a new element to it. The current questions are about whether one has the right to choose to take a life if it is their own; whether another person has the right to take the life of a consenting person; when consent… Continue reading Euthanasia: rights and responsibilities

The Lines between Rights, Law and Objective Morality

No moral philosophy that I have met has ever been sufficiently simple to be reduced to a list like the law and simultaneously satisfy our wants for justice. Emmanuel Kant’s morality would cut down to basic duties. Kant said that if an action is ever wrong it is always wrong and, although it is difficult… Continue reading The Lines between Rights, Law and Objective Morality

Abort? Pro-choice vs. No choice.

Is abortion closer to murder or using a pesticide? Is a nurse or doctor who helps carry out abortions morally closer to being guilty of genocide or indistinguishable from using a doctor who uses antibiotics to rid the body of an infection? If I refuse to allow my body to be used as a life-support… Continue reading Abort? Pro-choice vs. No choice.

Legalising Drugs: stop the War on Drugs

During prohibition, alcoholism rates tripled. That’s how good making thing illegal is at stopping people from doing them. For every person that abused alcohol before prohibition, there came three. That is the opposite of what such a law is for. Evidence suggests abuse levels are lower where the drugs are legal (I’m still thinking prohibition,… Continue reading Legalising Drugs: stop the War on Drugs

Segregation and Burkas

Warning: contains comments on Islam Disclaimer: not Islamophobia I am pathologically predisposed to not being current. So although some crazy bastards killed a man in London the other day, apparently in the name of Islam, that is not what I want to talk about. I don’t want to talk about it because I don’t know… Continue reading Segregation and Burkas