What is Beautiful about Determinism?

The beauty of determinism is hidden in the tragedy and injustice of freewill. I don’t believe in freewill (but I do believe it is one word). More importantly than that, I don’t see ‘no freewill’ (“determinism”) as a miserable or stale thing. The implicit assumption (and explicit in the full question asked: “God gave us… Continue reading What is Beautiful about Determinism?

How is Western Civilisation is Evidence of Jesus Christ?

Whether or not Jesus Christ existed is not that important a claim. After all, Muslims believe a historical character called Jesus existed, as do the Jews. Evidence that Jesus existed is not important, and without evidence of miracle it doesn’t begin to support any religion. I happen to believe that the Jesus narrative is a… Continue reading How is Western Civilisation is Evidence of Jesus Christ?

Completion: Finishing the questions I can’t finish.

At the start of all this I admitted to losing my cool a little. And this is the post it all happened in. And it's quite a fitting climax, because I think that was the goal. It's a complete spread (informally known as a Gish Gallop); it's too many questions, too loosely related and requires… Continue reading Completion: Finishing the questions I can’t finish.

Dear Theist (and open reply to an open letter)

Dear Believer, I am sure that you have had many responses to your open letter ‘Dear atheist’. I would even wager that the responses have been similar but never the same. I am aware that my letter of response is also self-promoting (i.e. I refer to a lot of posts I have already written), and… Continue reading Dear Theist (and open reply to an open letter)