Should Today’s Generation Make Amends for Slavery

There are a few things about slavery trades over the last few centuries we can agree on: they are another blot on Western history’s rather questionable moral history, perhaps being the most obvious. That it was bad is rarely questioned. Sure, there are historical moral relativists who question whether we should hold old cultures to… Continue reading Should Today’s Generation Make Amends for Slavery

This is how Religion Blinds your Humanity and Decency

I commented recently on post called “Mild Paedophilia in Light of Atheism”1. The post decried Dawkins for his use of the phrase “mild paedophilia”, and I didn’t mention in the comment that without context the phrase may have been entirely legitimate2. What I did mention is that the blogger was being inconsistent: where the blogger… Continue reading This is how Religion Blinds your Humanity and Decency

8. The Biblical God doesn’t Care so much about Slaves

Again, this fodder of this argument is a little samey: The God of the Bible is an arse. What’s up with that? Our atheist is pretty much unable to make any comments until the Christian has told us what indeed is up with that. And the Christian gets right to it on a common and… Continue reading 8. The Biblical God doesn’t Care so much about Slaves


I have had a viewer directed here by the blog Narrow Way Apologetics, a post about how Old Testament “Slaves” were employees. The argument is pretty simple; if you look at the context, “slaves” were obviously people who hired themselves out. They weren’t slaves so much as butlers and gardeners. Perhaps these “slaves” needed the money… Continue reading Slave!