Should the State Give ‘Basic Universal Income’

Basic universal income is the idea of the state giving unconditional, significant and regular income to its citizens. It is a socialist idea, you can’t get away from that. But the question is whether it is a good thing. I think there are both good economic and social reasons for a basic income. It worth… Continue reading Should the State Give ‘Basic Universal Income’

Questions for Theists.

What follows is 10 questions aimed at theists, along with an explanation as to why the questions are meaningful. The questions are sincere, as they have been the stumbling blocks to many a conversation about religion. What is contained in the explanations that follow the questions is not meant to limit a theist’s response, and… Continue reading Questions for Theists.

Book Excerpt: What do scientists of faith achieve?

In recent discussions I have been told that atheism is a potential retardation of our species on the grounds that it blocks other perspectives. There are obvious misunderstandings of what atheism is there, but that's not the issue. The issue is the nature of those "other perspectives" ColorStorm (my accuser) is referring to: religion and… Continue reading Book Excerpt: What do scientists of faith achieve?

Why the Enlightenment is part of our species and Creationism is a retardation of it

ColorStorm told me that some atheists I praise on WordPress are rude. I defined rude in a earlier post as “when you lay unwarranted negativity on the person”. ColorStorm then told me an atheist I praise described Creationism as a retardation of our species. I think that is warranted. I think that can be defended as… Continue reading Why the Enlightenment is part of our species and Creationism is a retardation of it

Religion is Bad

This is an oddly controversial topic, even for my clearly-atheist blog. You can almost smell the qualifications and caveats I’m going to offer as I go. But religion is bad. From the religions which famously teach violence, like Islam, to the religions which teach unwavering peace, like Jainism, religion is bad. It doesn’t matter how… Continue reading Religion is Bad

This is how Religion Blinds your Humanity and Decency

I commented recently on post called “Mild Paedophilia in Light of Atheism”1. The post decried Dawkins for his use of the phrase “mild paedophilia”, and I didn’t mention in the comment that without context the phrase may have been entirely legitimate2. What I did mention is that the blogger was being inconsistent: where the blogger… Continue reading This is how Religion Blinds your Humanity and Decency

Breasts: the oasis of life. I wanted to write something to point out how ridiculous it is that people actually want to ban public breastfeeding. We--and I say "we" as in humanity, it is women that have this responsibility and honour--have been able to nourish children and given them the very nectar on which they thrive and grow and… Continue reading Breasts: the oasis of life.