On Gay Marriage

I am a bleeding-heart-bloody-liberal. I know that. So I want to make a quick case for gay marriage, and explain why the anti-gay marriage lobby are wrong. I shall start with the following two assumptions: (1) the default position should be that, absent of extraordinary circumstances, people should be equal; (2) there should be the… Continue reading On Gay Marriage

Sex-Positive Feminist

I am sex-positive. I think sex is a good thing: it is exhilarating and exciting and explorative. I like the feeling of being attracted to someone, I enjoy seeing people confident with their sexuality, it’s nice to see people who are comfortable in their skin. As long as everyone has the freedom to put up… Continue reading Sex-Positive Feminist

Start 2013 with ‘Why I’m not Saving You in the Event of an Apocalypse’

If the apocalypse was coming, and you knew it, who would you save? That’s not an easy question and it plays your emotions off against your critical thinking almost immediately. When it comes to my family I know I’d save the eldest of my younger brothers; he is a useful, athletic and agile mind of… Continue reading Start 2013 with ‘Why I’m not Saving You in the Event of an Apocalypse’

Freewill and Crime and Punishment

In my last post I explained my position that freewill does not exist. It is merely the illusion that appears when our imagination plays ‘what if?’. If I do believe this to be the case, and the idea that at any moment we could do something different from what it is we actually did is… Continue reading Freewill and Crime and Punishment