A Model Dependent Realist defence of Freewill

Model Dependent Realism, as articulated by Hawking and Mlodinow (2010) and Carroll (2016), is the idea that a specific and explanatory model represents a ‘reality’ and is ‘true’ if it can both account for extant data and is predictive. I have used this philosophy before to contest that determinism is the explanatory model that best… Continue reading A Model Dependent Realist defence of Freewill

“Supernatural” is a Bad Excuse for Having no Evidence

I don’t understand the distinction between the natural and the supernatural: if a God does exist in some plane beyond us, surely God considers Itself to be natural; if science were to discover a reliable way to get information from the minds of people that have passed to the other side (i.e. died) the concept… Continue reading “Supernatural” is a Bad Excuse for Having no Evidence

God: the inflated ego of nature and reason

A steadfast opposition to natural or rational claims (particularly ones that impinge on the domains of religion) is that a natural perspective somehow removes the grandeur and the value of the thing. The argument then seems to follow that the grandeur is a transcendent and objectively real thing, hence God. I once held a similar view;… Continue reading God: the inflated ego of nature and reason