All the rage, none of the content

And opponents of GM crops shifted from ‘obvious danger’ and ‘Frankenfood’ arguments, to ‘no evidence it’s safe’, to ‘environmental dangers’ to ‘risks to indigenous farmers’ and ‘concerns over the nature of big corporations acting as a monopoly’; but they never skipped a beat on their rage, intolerance, confidence and assumed knowledge.

Mental Head Space and Confirmation Bias

I don't know how you learn. But, as a teacher, I have seen a few papers here and there which attempt to make clear to me some ideas on how we learn. They're a bit dry; instead I want to tell you how I learn and why understanding how you learn can help you to… Continue reading Mental Head Space and Confirmation Bias

Exodus of teachers: a prediction of things to come

I am a teacher. However, I work in the private sector. Therefore, I am protected against some of the policy ideas teetering on the lips of politicians. That said, I still feel the outrage and indignation of state-employees school teachers. Doctors working lives are intrusively and obstructively evaluated. They have to register every year and… Continue reading Exodus of teachers: a prediction of things to come

7 Trading Eisenstadt for Vienna

Last Thursday my students performed a show that we’ve been working on for two weeks. It was a big show, and the parents seemed to enjoy it—which is the point. I then got a present off of the school: a big a bottle of wine and a school t-shirt. So far things have gone as… Continue reading 7 Trading Eisenstadt for Vienna