The “Ought” Problem

In discussions on morality the conversation often stagnates around David Hume’s Is-Ought dilemma. The dilemma is that you cannot get from a truth claim about how something is to a values claim about what you should do about it. The problem is often plugged with more “is” claims—like the nature of God—in order to tell… Continue reading The “Ought” Problem

7 Trading Eisenstadt for Vienna

Last Thursday my students performed a show that we’ve been working on for two weeks. It was a big show, and the parents seemed to enjoy it—which is the point. I then got a present off of the school: a big a bottle of wine and a school t-shirt. So far things have gone as… Continue reading 7 Trading Eisenstadt for Vienna

6 From Bratislava to Eisenstadt by Luck and Tooth-Skin

Bratislava had struck us as a depressive looking place, but we made sure we had a damned good time nonetheless. And we succeeded with ease. Bratislava is fun! And as the night fell it came properly to life: the lights gave the entire city a charm and a beauty that the day time hadn’t afforded… Continue reading 6 From Bratislava to Eisenstadt by Luck and Tooth-Skin

The Last Two Weeks and How Zombies Make You Happy

My posts have been scheduled for a while now. So although it looks like I’ve been busy at around 7pm (GMT) every day, I was actually busy on two days in early January while I wrote out a lot of ideas that bounced around my head. I have actually been in the real world ever… Continue reading The Last Two Weeks and How Zombies Make You Happy