How do you identify intent?

In February, I read the case of the ‘Inexplicable Omelette’, in which the author played off a difficult question: how can you tell whether something has come into its current form ― been constructed or altered ― with intent? His argument was that some things are too complex to consider unintended, and even an omelette… Continue reading How do you identify intent?


To Investigate Psychological Differences between Atheists and the Religious

On a cycle ride the other day I just made it through the traffic lights but it caught my friend and she had to stop. This happens often. The last time it happened I wondered what the odds were that my friend would be caught in traffic lights so often. The answer is simple. But… Continue reading To Investigate Psychological Differences between Atheists and the Religious

Self-Labelling as Agnostic

Neil deGrasse Tyson, a long time ago now, annoyed a lot of people. He did this not by identifying as an agnostic, but by using it to entirely the side-step the issue of whether he is an atheist. Does he believe or not? Penn Jillette addressed this issue in his book God? No! where he… Continue reading Self-Labelling as Agnostic

12. The Biblical God doesn’t Care so much about Animals

Once again, our two debaters go back to an oft-visited well to drink. The atheist talks of animal cruelty and conspicuous absence of consideration for animals and how Jesus made it worse by permitting the eating of all animals (as opposed to promoting vegetarianism or humane farming). The Biblical God is evil, therefore… The atheist… Continue reading 12. The Biblical God doesn’t Care so much about Animals

Am I Free to Believe?

  I assume I am not the only person who a religious person has told words to the effect of “I can’t make you believe, you have to choose to believe”. What does that mean? I cannot think of a single belief I hold about anything, big or small, that I have chosen to believe. No,… Continue reading Am I Free to Believe?

Freewill: the neurological weather pattern

I am a causal determinist. What this means I don’t believe you have freewill. Don’t take that too personally; I don’t believe I have freewill either. In fact, I think all atheists (in a broader sense of the word) should reject free will. Let me first state and explain my broader definition of atheism: one… Continue reading Freewill: the neurological weather pattern