Are theism and science incompatible?

It’s a long standing argument: can theism be justified within scientific thinking? There have been attempts to bypass the argument, by calling the two concepts “non-overlapping magisteria”: the claim that the two concepts simply answer different questions and therefore are never justified by each other and never in conflict (Gould, 2011). However, that is not… Continue reading Are theism and science incompatible?

Questions for Theists.

What follows is 10 questions aimed at theists, along with an explanation as to why the questions are meaningful. The questions are sincere, as they have been the stumbling blocks to many a conversation about religion. What is contained in the explanations that follow the questions is not meant to limit a theist’s response, and… Continue reading Questions for Theists.

Defining Atheism

(It looks like I'm doing that thing where I blog more frequently again. I blame the nothing-to-do regions of Austria, personally.) The atheism versus theism “debate” is not really a debate at all. The sides are not opposing. Claims are not always being made on both sides. Theism is a claim that a certain Being exists.… Continue reading Defining Atheism