Thoughts on this idiot

The memorably named 22056 has recently started a blog which appears to have the goal of attacking “atheism”. I say “atheism” because I strongly suspect the author’s concept of atheism has formed in an echo chamber that doesn’t care much for what atheism really is or what atheists really believe. Part of the reason I… Continue reading Thoughts on this idiot

Can a Multiverse Last Forever?

Our universe is not eternal. Our universe began nearly 14 billion years ago with the expansion from a singularity (Big Bang to its friends). Our universe doesn’t just happen to be finite (i.e. not eternal). Our universe couldn’t be eternal. It had to have a beginning. There is a very good reason for this, and… Continue reading Can a Multiverse Last Forever?

I am Privileged; I am Flawed

I have found a lot of my old posts through Google cache. In case you're curious on how to do that, just type "cache:" in front of the URL you want to recover. Example, But as this is my first milestone (20 posts) I thought I'd stick with something original, and personal. I am… Continue reading I am Privileged; I am Flawed