The Value of What you Have

Never under-estimate the value of the things you have. I want to share two stories with you just to show the power of one of the most valuable things around: friendship. As I’ve mentioned many times (because I’m a boastful pain in the rump) I went to Thailand. And I had a good time. Not… Continue reading The Value of What you Have

6 From Bratislava to Eisenstadt by Luck and Tooth-Skin

Bratislava had struck us as a depressive looking place, but we made sure we had a damned good time nonetheless. And we succeeded with ease. Bratislava is fun! And as the night fell it came properly to life: the lights gave the entire city a charm and a beauty that the day time hadn’t afforded… Continue reading 6 From Bratislava to Eisenstadt by Luck and Tooth-Skin