Maps of Meaning, discussion – Part 4a, Rites, Rituals and Initiations

This is a shorter post. There’s a couple of reasons for this: it’s cold out, and so I’m walking less ― especially with my daughter in a sling ― and I’ve fallen behind on the podcasts I enjoy and perhaps more importantly, knowing that I’m less than half way through the book and seeing it… Continue reading Maps of Meaning, discussion – Part 4a, Rites, Rituals and Initiations

Brexit and me

I’d like to tell the story of how I became interested in Brexit, back in 2016, only marginally before the vote. In reality, it’s the story of why I didn’t care about Brexit at any point before a critical moment in early 2016. I was born in 1989. Don’t worry, the story doesn’t start there;… Continue reading Brexit and me

Experts, Nonexperts and Metaexperts

Expertise is a very specific quality. Dorion Sagan said of scientists ― but it applies to expertise in general ― that an expert who continues to make progress in their field “learns more and more about less and less until [they] know everything about nothing”. Admittedly, experts tend to retire or die before they meet… Continue reading Experts, Nonexperts and Metaexperts