Ethics by Discussion or by Fiat

According to a commenter on Blogging Theology, violence is the fault of Godlessness. It's a frequent comment and it pervades for two reasons: establishing crime statistics, motives and demographics is not easy, and the accusation seems to stick. The accusation probably sticks because it seems obvious. But obvious is not the same as true. This… Continue reading Ethics by Discussion or by Fiat

Atheism, Militancy and Tribalism

Religion and dogma can motivate violence in many ways. It can create a focus for a tribal identity that creates in-sympathies and out-aggressions; the Us/Them divide that can famously lead to dehumanising characterisations and violence. The other is the direct command from that dogma or religion to seek out violence against other people. The differences… Continue reading Atheism, Militancy and Tribalism

My T-Shirts

These are my most provocative t-shirts. I don't mean he-look-sexy-in-that t-shirts (because I look sexy in everything). I mean these t-shirts make other people want to punch me in my facial area.   Let me take a moment to justify these t-shirts, starting with the easiest one to defend. The grey one with the slogan… Continue reading My T-Shirts