The Most Influential Biologist (?) and How To Change The Way You Blog Forever

Allen So―a friend of mine―commented on someone’s Facebook discussion that Richard Dawkins is is the most influential living biologist. I’ll be honest, that didn’t seem right. Richard Dawkins is vocal and very famous, but he also sort of exists in an echo chamber: creationists didn’t pick up The Selfish Gene and sincerely read it; readers… Continue reading The Most Influential Biologist (?) and How To Change The Way You Blog Forever

Book Excerpt: What do scientists of faith achieve?

In recent discussions I have been told that atheism is a potential retardation of our species on the grounds that it blocks other perspectives. There are obvious misunderstandings of what atheism is there, but that's not the issue. The issue is the nature of those "other perspectives" ColorStorm (my accuser) is referring to: religion and… Continue reading Book Excerpt: What do scientists of faith achieve?

Book Excerpt: To not know

Not knowing. We've all had the religious try to shoehorn in their preferred deity where science has had the humility to admit it doesn't know. The arrogance may even have struck and annoyed many of us. So, I thought it would earn a full place in my book, and here are the 3,000 words I've… Continue reading Book Excerpt: To not know

Of Gods and Unicorns: there must be a mistake with the ontological argument

Argument A: The Ontological Argument for the Existence of God (1) God is a being greater than which none can be conceived (or the Greatest Conceivable Being). (2) The Greatest Conceivable Being does exist in the mind. (3) If the Greatest Conceivable Being were to exist in only the mind, we could conceive of a… Continue reading Of Gods and Unicorns: there must be a mistake with the ontological argument

Writing a Book?

I have joined the legion of people who have decided to write a book. I have had an interest in the God-conversation since I started university in 2007 and that’s basically meant 7 years of pontification and research; I reckon I’m more knowledgeable on God than I am my own degree: Geography. (That said, I… Continue reading Writing a Book?

The Warehouse

I have found some 'creative' writing. It's a non-fiction piece that I wrote during a lunch break while I was working in an aluminium factory. Enjoy. He walks across the expanse of car park to find somewhere to take his mandatory ten minute break and comes across what looks like a school chair facing the… Continue reading The Warehouse